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Antibodies found at 28 weeks help please

hi , first of all thank you for reading my post 😊. 
I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with baby no 4. 
I’m know rh A neg so have always had the anti d injections during pregnancy and shortly after birth. 
This pregnancy at my booking bloods all was fine no antibody detected however I had my 28 bloods taken to get a phone to say I have delveloped antibodies ( still in sure of which ones) I have read up and it seems they are usually developed by mixing blood ( transfusion, during labour) I’ve not had any bleeds or knocks during this pregnancy that would make me need my anti d injection early and not had any transfusions. I don’t understand how I would suddenly develop antibodies between 12’weeks and 20 weeks 🤷🏻‍♀️. 
The midwife had me in Thursday for a retest and for them to look at the type. They said there is a higher chance now my baby will develop jaundice after birth. My 3rd baby was badly jaundice on day 3 and on the transfusion level but luckily his levels came down with quadruple light therapy. Not somthing I want to experience again. 

Any advice or experience on this will be greatly appreciated 

thank you xx 😊
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