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Neausea and dizziness

Hey, just wondering has anyone suffered badly with sickness? I'm sick every single morning like clock work but the neausea stays allllllll day which is definitely worse than being sick LOL! and at night time mainly I am soooo dizzy and will feel quite dehydrated even tho I am drinking lots and lots of water... what did you girls find helped? Not too sure how far along I am I have a scan tomorrow to see im so nervous x


  • Hi @ShannonSuzie and Congratulations 💕 i thankfully didnt suffer to badly with sickness but i had dizzyness i was the same i drank loads of water but it didnt help, i made sure i sat down regularly and didn't drive too far. The midwife said it was just all the hormones surging. Good luck for your scan tomorrow xx
  • Thank you 💖 I have been so sick that some days when I have had a good day I worry sick lol we are never happy with ourselves.. me too I find smaller tasks that wouldn't have fizzed me before are taking it out of me more and have had the worst restless legs my dr also told me that would be the hormones lol thank you I don't know why I'm so nervous I think until you see the scan you still don't believe it xx
  • Oh i totally get where your coming from i was freaking out because i had no sickness and everyone else did then once my dizziness disappeared i had 0 symptoms...only thing i get now is back ache and belly ache. Im now 17 weeks with a healthy baby boy. Good luck hun xxx
  • Aww brilliant a little boy 💙 so glad all is good for you it makes it more enjoyable when the symptoms leave.. thank you so much xx
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