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Show me your 15dpo BFPs!

I just got my BFP at 15dpo and it’s really dark! Now I’m worried about twins 🤣 show me your 15dpo BFPs (or close to that) so I can feel a little better 


  • Hey congratulations on your pregnancy, this was my 15 DPO pregnancy test 
  • @SharonS19 thanks! You too! Ok your line is pretty decent too. I’m so used to seeing these very faint lines and I was worried about mine being dark 🤪
  • @KristinO1987 these lines depend on the level of HCG in your body. HCG doubles every two days, I took tests a couple of weeks ago and the test line had taken all of the dye from the control line and was super super dark!😆 

    The colour of the line does not determine how many babies you are having. How far along are you? 
  • @SharonS19 that’s funny! Today I’m 4w2d. That might change when i get my dating ultrasound though. How about you?
  • Aww, My midwife says I’m 9 weeks but I think I’m 8 weeks and 4 days. Will get accurate weeks on scan day 

    good luck☺️
  • @SharonS19 thanks you too!
  • Im also worried it might be twins. I got my faint positive 6dpo and solid line by 14dpo. 
  • @TTCat33for1stbaby I guess we’ll see! I did think your line was super dark for only 14dpo when you posted it on the other discussion 
  • These are my tests from 16DPO, and I am currently 10 weeks pregnant with twins.  I’ve seen women with singleton pregnancies with darker tests, so you really can’t tell at this early stage.  I am looking forward to having some more company over in Twinsville though!!!😂  Please do let me know!  All the best to everyone, whatever the outcome!
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