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Should I call the doctors?

I’m really not sure what’s happening with my body - anyone able to reassure me or have any suggestions on what’s happening!?

For this cycle I ovulated on the 24th and 8 days later I started bleeding which I got my hopes up that it was implantation bleeding but it carried on for 7 days so I gather it was just a period but really soon after ovulation. It stopped yesterday but I started bleeding again today!?

Any suggestions, what’s my body playing at?! Is it worth me calling a doctor or is that a waste of their time?

Thanks lovely lot x


  • Not gonna lie kinda going threw something similar myself i started a very light period 3 weeks after my last one and not quite sure what to make of if ive read afew posts saying wait till the bleeding stops then test my bleeding is on day 3 not enough to wear anything but a pantie liner 
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