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Spotting, bleeding or miscarriage

So I first found out I was pregnant on 11 November I’m not sure of my conception date so one week after I spotted for a week then it stopped and it was accompanied by abdominal pains and cramping with tiny clots. after two days I tested again just to be sure if I’m still pregnant then fast forward to December 8 I went to see a gynecologist and she suggested a scan and some test that’s when I found out I’m five weeks pregnant now the problem is I’ve been bleeding since the eighth till today 12 that makes it about 5 to 6 days and I’m seeing little bit of clots or tissue like coming out It’s not many but I’m panicking what should I do and what could be the cause I’m also experiencing cramping and abdominal pains. Its my first pregnancy and im 25 yo. 


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