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New pregnancy, but only gestational sac could be seen - scared

NurseygalNurseygal Regular
edited Dec 14, 2020 9:30AM in Pregnancy
Hi everyone. I found out December 2nd that I was pregnant. I am due August 10th 2021. It’s been 7 weeks since my LMP however I have irregular periods so I’m pretty certain I ovulated late. when I went for my ultrasound last week the sonographer said I measured about 5 weeks and 0 days +\- 3 days. The only thing they could see on my US was a gestational sac. No yolk sac, no embryo, no heartbeat. I am very scared I’ve had a miscarriage. The sonographer and nurse have told me that it’s just too early to see anything and so I have to come back in 2-3 weeks to have a repeat US done to determine if my pregnancy is viable. I am nervous. Idk what my HCG levels are because I’m not scheduled to come in for a prenatal appointment until after my repeat US. The only thing I’ve found comfort in is when I took another pregnancy test, the test line was super dark and the control line was extremely faint. Before when I tested positive both lines were dark. So I’m guessing my HCG levels are going higher that it’s taking dye out of the control line of the test. Has anyone else experienced something like this and the baby turn out fine on their next US. This is my first pregnancy and idk what to expect or what’s normal or abnormal.


  • Congratulations! Five weeks is super early to see anything on a US so I'd take comfort in what the nurse has said. If you've no bleeding, cramping or bad pain I'd presume everything is going well inside. Try and relax, easier said than done I know. Scan will come around before you know it. 
  • If you’re periods are irregular and you weren’t actively tracking your ovulation with OPKS, cervical mucus, and a confirmed rise in temp then you most likely could have ovulated late which is normal. Going off of a LMP is assuming every woman has a standard 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14 with a 14 day luteal phase every single month which that is rarely the case for most women. 

    Week 5 is generally too early of a time to see a heart beat but more commonly seen between 6-8 weeks and all depends on the type of ultrasound performed, transvaginal or abdominal also the woman and body weight/uterus shape. I wouldn’t worry too much as long as levels are increasing. Symptoms can come and go so that isn’t a good indicator as some women can feel sick then be fine or have sore boobs for a few days then not! 
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