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Pram recommendations please

Hi ladies

Dh and I are looking for quite a specific style of pram and we cannot find one anywhere online. With my last baby I had a Herqules Razor 6 Spin which was amazing and did everything. I never thought I'd have another baby so I reluctantly got rid of it. Dh and I would LOVE one with a carrycot for this baby, but we can't find one, or even anything like it, apart from on German Ebay. The company seems to have disappeared and nowhere else is advertising them online.

If anyone has any good suggestions for similar prams we'd love to see them please?

Our must haves are:

Massive all terrain wheels (not a 3 wheeler)
Fab suspension on all wheels
Big padded seat unit
Totally lie flat, reversible seat unit
Weight limit up to 22kg
Huge shopping basket
Adjustable handle
Big hood

There used to be a similar pram on the market but I can't remember what it was called so can't find one of those either.

Any help is very much appreciated, thank you! Pic for info to compare x


  • Hey! 
    Have a look at the Mamas and Papas Ocarro, it seems to tick a lot of your boxes. It arrived last week for me and it looks gorgeous! 
  • Ooh, that was a potential on our list actually! Is it actually really good, and are the front wheels also really big and chunky? 

    I also looked at the Nuna Mixx Next as that looked quite good. I did love the Bumbleride Eva but I don't like the bottom of the calf support where there's a lip x
  • I mean I haven't properly used it yet but it feels very sturdy and very good quality! It's meant to be an all terrain so we shall see!

    Another one highly recommended over and over is the icandy peach. 

    There are just so many it's a minefield haha! I just went on YouTube and watched reviews for loads! 
  • I don't personally like iCandy prams because I don't like the seat unit design. But I see that one keeps coming up!

    I think I might have to look ju YouTube reviews. I've read a lot online but only watched a few videos x
  • Nuna Mixx or Nuna demi grow
  • Sorry it's extremely late, I've only just seen this message. I liked the Nuna Mixx Next.
  • I got he mamas and papas ocarro and it is amazing! Sounds like it suits everything you want :)
  • Hi, 

    I you can get lovely pram from

    Stunning strollers for all your different needs. 
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