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Drug Use in Early Pregnancy

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been using drugs and now I believe I’m 7 weeks pregnant. A little backstory.. I was told a couple years ago that it’d be next to impossible for me to become pregnant due to complications from a past ectopic pregnancy. 

Me and my ex boyfriend recently reconnected and started having sex again. I believe I got pregnant somewhere around late October to early November. 
Since November I’ve been using cocaine & Percocets on and off, although I haven’t gone more than a week without using. I put myself around the wrong crowd and was using these drugs socially. 

I haven’t had a period since 10/28, and the pregnancy tests I’ve taken in the past couple weeks (last one on 12/19) have been negative. My period is now 20 days late and I have no other explanation for that besides me possibly being pregnant. 
In addition to not having a period, I feel like I’ve gained a lot of weight in my stomach and look pretty bloated. My breasts may be a little bigger, I don’t really know though I never paid much attention to their size. My appetite’s increased and I noticed changes in my mood. 

My question is... if I am pregnant, how will this drug use during the early stages affect my baby in the future? Obviously I have stopped using just in case I am, but I’m so worried that my drug use has already killed the embryo and that’s why my tests come back negative. If I am pregnant, will my drug use affect the baby in the future? Like I said I believe I’m about 7 weeks along, if all drug use has stopped will there be any affects? As long as I’ve stopped now that I know I might be pregnant, what’re the chances I’ve already harmed the baby and these affects will carry on into pregnancy further along? 

I’ve been pregnant once before, but I had to have an abortion because the embryo attached to my Fallopian tubes & in turn ruptured them, which is why the doctor told me I probably would never become pregnant again. I was smoking weed before I found out I was pregnant (about 7-8 weeks along), and my doctor said I shouldn’t be concerned as long as I stopped now that I was aware I was pregnant. I know the drugs I was using this time around are a step-up from marijuana, which is why I’m very concerned now that I’ve already caused harm to my unborn child.  


  • You need to book yourself an appointment at the docs and have a blood test to see if your pregnant, if so then seek advice from the midwife. Drugs could possibly affect your periods if you having them frequently and are in your system..but again I would get some advice, and possibly steer clear of taking drugs again.
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