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Hi all 
I have recently had a positive result but cannot get a mid wife appointment for 3 weeks, this is my first pregnancy and following some fertility issues I’m anxiety I may not be pregnant. My GP won’t see me to confirm as advised needs to be via the mid wife. Any suggestions to put my mind at ease?


  • I know it's easier said than done, but you should relax. As I understand it, midwifes don't tend to have their first appointment with you until you are 10 weeks pregnant. So early on in pregnancy there is nothing much you can do besides take care of yourself and I don't think there is anything a doctor or midwife could do to reassure you anyway.
    Early on in my pregnancy I was worried and paranoid all the time so I know it's not easy to just switch off. For the first few weeks I was obsessed with doing tests to see progression on the lines but once you get to about 5/6 weeks the hcg is so high that the tests get fainter and fainter (learnt that the hard way - which is why I don't recommend you do the same)
    It may not sound comforting, but if something were to happen at this stage it would be because there is something wrong with baby and as harsh as it sounds there's nothing you would be able to do to stop it, so just enjoy your happy news. Worrying will not help you or baby. What will be will be. Having said that, I'm sure you will be fine, baby will be fine and you're just experiencing the same worries I think everyone must feel when they find out - heightened by your struggle. Congratulations on the positive tests! And your midwife appointment will be here before your know it
  • I think using the clear blue digital weeks indicators are quite good, you’ll see progression as it moves from 1-2 weeks etc. it does stop at 3 weeks plus but I think this gives a good indicator that things are moving
  • Oh and many congratulations- sorry I should’ve started with that!!!xxx
  • Congratulations. I’m also a first time mum and currently 5-6weeks pregnant (based on last period). I am also very anxious as I have just moved counties (Aus to Canada) and we conceived in quarantine. I still don’t have health insurance or a local sim card so to get a gp appointment in lockdown is difficult as only phone consults are offered at majority of clinics. As Rosegold89 said worrying isn’t good for the baby, so I’m just trying to relax, eat well, drink plenty of fluid and hope all is well until I get insurance and a local phone number. Like Emj3 said I did the clear blue digital which was nice to see the weeks indicator go from 1-2weeks to 3+ weeks. 😊
  • Thanks for the advice ladies and I’m trying my best to stay positive and calm, my appointment only 3 weeks away so just hope the time flies by.
    I’ve done a clear blue test the day after I got my positive result from a hcg strip test and was already 3+.
    think my may concern is being 35 and having tried for over 11 yrs to get pregnant. 

  • @54ra85- 11 years!! This is one longed for baby! A 3+ is good, With my Mc I never got my 3+ even though I got to  11 weeks. I really hope you get to bring this baby home!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    I lost 2 babies before I got my 3rd child and I was super anxious throughout the pregnancy. All I can say is to take each day at a time and try to enjoy the here and now! I have a beautiful baby girl who’s 16 months now! She was worth the wait and worth all the
  • And I had her at 38. I get
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