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Need some advice, 17 days late - negative tests

I've been scrolling the Internet endlessly trying to find an answer, and came across this site and figured I would post for some advice or previous experiences. 

I am now 17 days late for my period, tender breasts and nausea which is on and off, but still getting negative pregnancy tests. Just a little bit of background info, I had an unexpected bleed that started on 7th December and lasted around 4 days, this happened 12 days after my last period and now a missed period completely. Do you think I missed my period when it was due because I had a bleed earlier in the month although it was 12 days after my last period? 

Also to add, I've always been like clockwork with my periods, I'm on the contraceptive pill (admittedly not very good at always taking it 😬) but I've always had a bleed on my 7 day break ever since I started it, which was 6 years ago after the birth of my second child. 

I also had bloods done on 10th December as around the time I had unexpected bleeding, I had also got a very faint positive test so assumed I was pregnant, bloods confirmed I wasn't.  The tender breasts and nausea started at the beginning of December, hence testing early In the month before the bleeding started. 

Apologies for the long and potentially confusing post, I'm just driving myself mad wondering what is going on and kind of hoping someone here may of experienced something similar and can give me advice! 


  • Anyone??
  • Hiya! I’m in a pretty similar position, I’m getting all the symptoms of being pregnant sore boobs, cramping in my stomach, back pain and even the taste of metal in my mouth! However every test I’ve done is negative! My last period started the 14th of November and haven’t had one since according to my flo app I’m only 8 days late? again I’ve done tests but still negative? I’ve been off the depo injection for nearly a year and had normal periods from June/July and now it’s stopped? Maybe I would suggest going back to the doctors and asking for another blood test? Sorry if this doesn’t make any sense just nice to talk to someone who’s in a similar situation as me! X
  • Hi, thanks for replying, and I'm sorry to hear your experiencing something similar, it's  really frustrating isn't it? My next period should be due in 7 days according to my calender, so I'm going to hold off till then and see if it arrives and then make the call. I took my last test on 31st December but seeing as I'm 7 days away from my next period I'm going to do another one today or tomorrow and see what the result is. 

    Have you spoken to your doctor or had any bloods taken? I was on the depo injection some years ago and didn't have periods whilst on it, but I was advised to come off it for health reasons. I do remember my cycle returning to normal after a few months off the injection though!  Xx
  • Is there any updates on these situations? Im experiencing something similar im 8 days late having the pregnancy symptoms as well but negative test as of yesterdsy
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