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Evap, Indent's or BFPs?

I had my 13th miscarriage on the 13th December 2020. The IC and CB were 9DPO pm and the FRER this morning (10DPO) SMU. 

I'll also include my chart.


Thank you for any advice, really starting to doubt myself. 


  • Symptoms by DPO went like this:

    4DPO - Left sided cramps.
    5DPO - Sensitive nipples at night, Quite bitchy / crabby.
    6DPO - Centralised cramps.
    7DPO - Occasional nipples tenderness and sensitivity. 
    8DPO - Bitchy / crabby and constipated.
    9DPO - Dry mouth at night, Bitchy. 
    10DPO - (Today), AF type cramps, upset stomach, looser stools. Little headache. 

  • so sorry for your losses. I'd say if you tested negative after your most recent loss then these are faint positives to me, it's what mine looked like that early on this time. Maybe test in a day or so. Good luck. X
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