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Babygrl1314Babygrl1314 Regular
edited Jan 9, 2021 2:02PM in Pregnancy
Well its been three months since I started getting these pregnancy symptoms but on the other hand ive been having my period and getting negative tests...i still continue to have the same symptoms and can't get near a lot of foods or any other smells without wanting to be sick. I can only keep tea down.  Im so concerned because both my mom and my sister had each a pregnancy where they both had their period up to 4 months till it disappeared and found out that they were pregnant and over 4 months along. I am a mother of two and I always follow my gut but this time im scared to figure out what it might be. When it get my period it only lasts 4 days even tho its a norm cause I have irregular periods so anyone who has any idea or can help me through this would be helpful.
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