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Am I pregnant?

Hi, I have taken in total of 9 tests and 8 of them including clear blue were all positive but todays one was negative, I haven't had any pains or bleeding so I don't think its a chemical pregnancy  but I would just like people feed back on what they think to help me out 


  • Hey hun. Were they all with FMU?x
  • Hey, most of them were fmu but the negative was in the afternoon with a different brand 
  • I would try and test with the same brand if you can hold of one as the sensitivity is different in them. Fingers crossed for you.x
  • So basically I had 5 faint positive with sainsburys own 3 faint positive with clear blue and 1 negative with first response im gonna get the clear blue digital and do anther test end of this week coming 
  • This has completely  thrown me off the thing is I have sore breasts now coming up with acne mood swings like one min I'm crying for no reason and then next im fine having ago fro no reason at my kids and partner peeing a lot more than normal being sick and having nursea everyday 
  • I think the best ones are the pink dye tests. One of the first response ones. Good luck and hope there’s a nice strong line waiting for you xx 
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