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Anxious, preg after loss and lines not darker.



  • Hi ladies,

    We are ttc for last one year and had a chemical pregnancy in November 2020. Today ( March 17) I am due for my af and got a very faint line on pregnancy test. Please see the picture. Can someone pls help me know if I should keep my hopes for this one. I am very worried and stressed. Pls help 
  • @Pam13 I can definitely see a line ... congratulations!! If you have had a chemical before I would test again in another 48 hours to see if the line is getting darker. If so that would suggest everything is moving along as it should :) fingers crossed hun and keep us posted! xx
  • @TeeAli22 thank you so much. I would definitely test in 48 hours and keep you posted. 
  • TeeAli22 said:
    Morning ladies! FINALLY had my results back last night and confirmed baby definitely does not have Downs, Edwards or Patau, which is a huge relief! :) Also managed to avoid finding out the sex for now haha! Hope you are both well! xx
    Oh that's great news!!!!! Xx
  • Pam13 said:
    @TeeAli22 thank you so much. I would definitely test in 48 hours and keep you posted. 
    Best of luck x
  • @SmithL35 thank you so much. 
  • @TeeAli22 this is amazing news. I bet you feel delighted that you’re not in limbo and more waiting. 
    Do you mind me asking how the cvs procedure was. 
    Whoop on not finding out. I’m trying not to either luckily on the last scan baby had it’s legs crossed haha. 
  • @Pam13 that looks like a positive to me. Congratulations. 
    I would do another test to see if the line gets darker in a day or so. I always confirmed a few weeks in with a digital test (when hcg is higher) just to see the number of weeks change. 
    Good luck xx 
  • @NDG yess totally! The procedure wasn't too bad or too painful. The amount of people in the room made me feel more anxious but everyone was really lovely, explained everything and before they did anything they checked the baby, showed me everything (2 arms, 2 legs, bladder, brain, stomach etc.) all heart beat was fine and placenta in a position whereby they could access it to remove the cells they needed. I had a little bit of pain afterwards but not much (didn't need to take any pain relief at all) - I just rested in bed for most of the day when I got home!

    @SmithL35 thanks lovely! :) 

  • @TeeAli22 @SmithL35
    just checking in ladies x 
  • Good morning :)

    How are you both doing? All ok here thank you, Oscar is now 6 months!! Have started weaning onto solids, bless him xx
  • Morning ladies! :) Good to hear from you both!

    I'm doing well thanks! Currently 17+3 and awaiting a date for my 20 week scan! :) 

    @NDG how are you getting on?
    @SmithL35 awww how cute! How is weaning going for you and him? lol

  • Ahh @TeeAli22 I bet you can't wait for the 20 week scan!! 🥰

    It was slow going to start with to be honest, but he has started seeming like he is really hungry in the last few days, bless him. He loves toast soldiers! Xx
  • @SmithL35 aww bless him! Who doesn't love toast soldiers!! haha!! And yess definitely looking forward to it! Just wish I knew the date but then again there shouldn't be long to wait when I finally get it through! :) xx
  • @SmithL35 aww so cute. My friend is weaning her little one, and the photos are so cute. Is he enjoying it? 

    @TeeAli22 I’m one day behind you. I was given my 20 wk scan date when I went for the first one, however, I’ve just changed it and have had to push it back so it’s now right at the end of the month 🙈. I’ve had a consultation app today so got a brief look at baby- it kept hiding and turning away. 
    Hopefully they send your date through soon then you have something to look forward to xx 
  • I'm so excited for you both :)@NDG @TeeAli22. My 20 week scan was in June so it won't be long before it was a year ago 😳

    The feeding is fine, but I'm suffering a bit with milk supply now, I've been exclusively breastfeeding. I want to carry on feeding him for a while yet but not sure how to balance it with solids :/ xx
  • Morning ladies! Just thought I'd check in to see how everyone is doing! I've got my 20 week scan today although I'm almost 22 weeks! Better late then never ha!

    Had nursery furniture delivered yesterday too so that's starting to come together! :) 

    Hope you are both good! xx
  • Hello lovely :)

    Oh exciting!!! How did your scan go???? 💕

    Ahhh that brings back memories....I remember when our furniture arrived 😍 once it was all put together I just kept looking at it, trying to picture him being in the cot. Xxx
  • @SmithL35 The scan went really well thanks .. no abnormalities and baby is on track development wise! :) He/She was literally bent in half with feet above it's head...which can't have been comfy haha! 

    I'll send some pics when nursery is done .. so exciting! :) Your little one will be turning 1 when we have ours!!! xxx
  • Oh fab news!!!!! 🥰 awww yes please do, would love to see pics xxxx
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