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Anxious, preg after loss and lines not darker.



  • @SmithL35 @TeeAli22
    Ah lovely to hear from you both. I’m so pleased the scan went well. I had mine a couple of weeks ago and also was all good. He/she had legs crossed and arms behind its head chilling. 
    We haven’t bought a single thing yet. Only got a baby grow that my friend gifted when we told her. We are not moving into our home until July/aug so will try to order things to arrive for them 🙈
  • Sorry for the delay 💕 glad your scan went well too. Ah he buying stage is so exciting!!!! I can't believe it was only this time last year that we were buying all of our bits and bobs!

    My little one is going through a phase of sleeping through the night which is great, although I have mastitis now 🥺 xx
  • @TeeAli22 @SmithL35

    How are you ladies?xx 
  • Hello @NDG, so lovely to hear from you! 
    Annoyingly we were caught by Covid over Christmas 😭 
    How are you? Xx
  • hey ladies! 
    Hope you are both well! And Covid didn’t get you too bad!  
    We all had a lovely Christmas thanks! I ended up having a beautiful baby girl on the 9th September weighing 6lb6oz and we named her Elsie 🥰 

  • Awwww @TeeAli22 she is so beautiful!! 😍😍 I bet you're so in love with her. How is it all going? 
    We have recently decided that we are going to try for another but hopefully not get too obsessed with it, just see what happens xx
  • @SmithL35
    Yess I definitely do 😍 she’s an absolute dream 99% of the time! I always thought I wanted a boy but I couldn’t love her any more! 

    Aww that’s so lovely! My partner wants another at some point but I’m still unsure because Elsie has been perfect and I’m still completely besotted I’m not sure how I can have another 🤣😅 xx 
  • I know exactly what you mean!!!!! 🥰 I have this feeling of what if I have another and then they're don't sleep as well, or bow could I possibly love another baby as much. But I've asked a few friends and they all say how they felt that way but as soon as they've had another it's just amazing. 
    This is the first month we have tried but then we both got could over ovulation time, so I don't have much hope :/ xx
  • I literally feel the same 🤣 

    aww you’ll have to keep us posted!! Fingers crossed for you guys! How is your little man doing? Xx 
  • Hello, 

    How is little Elsie?? He is doing ok thank you, he is still quite tired from Covid, but he definitely has his appetite back!! 😂 xx
  • Yeh she’s all good thanks! We got her a little supported play seat thing which she is loving ha! Ahh bless him! Glad he’s doing better and loves his food!!! Xx 
  • Aww lovely! 🥰🥰 
    We saw the health visitor yesterday for the last time, felt a bit emotional really because she had been such a good support. 
    Thankfully she was very happy with his height and weight, phew! Xx
  • @SmithL35 @TeeAli22

    ah ladies. Sorry late reply. I am still in baby brain fog. My baby boy was born 1st sept. 

    How are you both? Anything new? 

    you never guess what… just found out am pregnant and now the name of this group is oh so relevant again given my history. So so anxious. 
    Also 2 under 2. Am I mad?!  This baby doesn’t sleep and I’m going to throw another into the mix. 

  •  @NDG  Ahh good to hear from you! And congratulations x2!! 
    Although I’ve heard it’s hard work I’m sure it will be 100% worth it and they’ll be the best of friends growing up! 

    I think we will try for a second later this year! But we’re all good and I’m on my last day of maternity leave today 😭

    @SmithL35 how are you? I think you said you were trying also! Any updates? 

  • @TeeAli22 thank you lovely. And you too, little one is so cute. How fast is time going?! How do you feel about going back to work? Is Elsie going to nursery? We thought we would start trying later in the year too and then thought it’s took us years to have this baby so let’s just go with it. First month of not being careful and it worked haha 🙈. X
  • @NDG aww bless that’s so cute! Will you find out what you’re having? 

    And no she’s not going to nursery just yet! Her dad with his company gets 6 weeks paternity leave full pay so he took three weeks when she was born and he’s taking the other three weeks now so I can work full time! His mum, Elsie’s Nannie works in a school so she will have her throughout august for us and then come September she will have her 2 days a week, a childminder who’s a neighbour and midwife will have her two days a week then I’ll have her on a Friday. I didn’t want her to go to nursery until she was a bit more mobile, can say some words and just interact better. They’re so small and precious I didn’t like the thought of her not getting as much one on one 😅 
    so she’ll go to nursery next year when she’s two all being well 😊 xx 
  • Hello both, sorry for the delay in replying.
    Seem to be so busy at the minute! 

    We are now in cycle 8 I think trying for our second. Fingers crossed it happens at some point, I would love to go through it all again!

    Hope you are both well xx
  • @TeeAli22 I agree on the nursery front, we are thinking we will send him to preschool when he is 3, well the Jan after he turns 3. Possibly thinking about a couple of mornings a week next year, but to be honest I just love being at home with him so I try to do lots with others so he is getting the social side of it. I can't believe how fast it has gone so far! Xx
  • hey ladies! Just jumping on here in the first time in forever! How are we both doing? X 
  • @TeeAli22 hey. I didn’t see this. Never got a notification. How are you?? 

    @SmithL35 how are you too?xx 
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