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Anxious, preg after loss and lines not darker.

Hi all,

I’m an oldie and haven’t been on here for a while but need some help! 

Long story short have been ttc for nearly 5 years. In that time I’ve had endless needles and tests, 1 ectopic, 2 miscarriages, surgeries and more tests. I’ve spent well over 40k on Ivf as that’s what got me preg last two times. I just got diagnosed with Adenomyosis on Friday - just to add more issues!! 

I had a failed transfer in Nov and in Dec only managed to Bd once as was home at my parents. 

I was having cramping and really bad back pain as usual before my period. Anyway yesterday I was possibly 16dpo and did an internet cheapy test at 10pm and was shocked to see a line. 

I’ve used the same brand and used FMU and the line isn’t any darker. 

Any suggestions? I am probs being irrational but after so much loss I am anxious and don’t want to get excited (and won’t until after 12 weeks as had 9/10wk loss). 

Help please. Xx 

top pic was last night and bottom this morning. 



  • Forgot to add I have NO symptoms at all other than the period like back ache. I’m hoping it’s not an ectopic again or something  
  • Congratulations!  That bottom line is definitely darker than the top. 
    I'm so sorry for your losses, everything must be so stressful. But they look like two very positive tests. 

  • Thank you for replying slinky. It’s been a tough journey and can’t deal without bad news. I don’t know if it looks darker as the top ones dried out overnight. 
    In real they looked the same. I thought it would have been darker this morning. Maybe I should try tomorrow or the next day x 
  • Hi, 
    I was going to say the same thing....the bottom definitely looks darker to me. I would do another tomorrow x
  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I stupidly did another one tonight and it was really light but my wee was diluted I guess. 
    I keep getting a twinge/burning feeling like last time when it was the ectopic. I am trying to remain positive.x
  • No stupid at all, and yes it would have been diluted so try not to get hung up on that one. Oh bless you, I bet you're very anxious to do a test in the morning? Such a stressful time  the waiting is awful. Keeping my fingers crossed for you x
  • I’ve been up all night (must be feeling anxious). Also still keep getting the burning feeling, so can’t help but stress. 
    I did another test this morning.  It kinda looks a tiny little darker but would have expected it to be more dark by now as all my tests on past pregnancies are really dark and dye stealers from early on. I have zero symptoms still; usually my boobs hurt as my first tell tale. 

  • The lines have definitely progressed on the top picture ... the bottom one both lines are strong and I don't think it could have progressed much because of how good they are. HcG doubles every 48 hours so you might not see too much progression day to day. 

    I'm currently 5 weeks and 1 day and don't really have symptoms - at the minute no sickness, no sore boobs - just some mild cramping (although I think the nausea might be about to start haha). 

    Easier said than done (especially given your previous losses, which I'm sorry to hear) but try and relax a little. The lines are strong and I've everything crossed for you this one sticks :) x
  • Thank you for your reply. I will try and do a frer tomorrow and see what is says. I guess with all the past experiences I am noticing every single twinge and paid and convinced it’s going to go wrong. Trying to stay positive. 

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Is this your first?x 
  • It's difficult not to notice every twinge - especially with Covid and having nothing else to do!
    I did read that quite high HcG can sometimes be a sign of an Ectopic pregnancy so hopefully because yours is steadily increasing that's positive for you!

    Yes this will be my first so I know what you mean about the worrying and anxiousness. I obviously haven't been through what you have but you read so much online it's hard not to worry!

    I hope everything goes well for you :) Keep me posted! x 
  • I think that will be a good idea to do a frer tomorrow. Best of luck x
  • Thank you @TeeAli22 - excited for you too. Have you booked in with your midwife or booked any scans or anything yet? 

    Even though I’ve been pregnant before, I’ve forgotten what to do as I’ve have a million more apps and calls due to the losses. 

    Took your advise @SmithL35

    I woke up bursting for the loo at 5am so thought I best do the test before I dilute my wee for the next one....

    looks like I have progress, still won’t be able to relax in til scans and make it past my last loss date. 

    Pray for me ladies. 


  • @NDG ah those progression lines look so good! :) Hopefully you can relax ever so slightly now! Yes I got in touch with the local midwifery service who will get back to me in 10 working days about my first app so I should hear from them within the next week! When would your first scan be? 
  • Oh I'm so pleased for you :) they look good. So understandable about not feeling like you'll relax, but try to just look at these when when are feeling anxious. So exciting! X
  • NDGNDG Regular
    edited Jan 12, 2021 8:58AM
    @TeeAli22 thank you. Happy to see the lines but still not chilled haha. 
    I think my gp may send me for a scan sooner to rule out ectopic and then it will be whenever the midwife calls to book mine. Last time I think I was offered for 10 weeks, so let’s see when they phone me. 
    Have you got any symptoms yet? 

    @SmithL35 thank you lovely. I am going to have to look at them all day. Once I rule out ectopic that will make me feel better and then the rest is out of my hands. 

  • @NDG I really hope it's not another ectopic for you!

    I don't really have many symptoms tbh. I get mild cramps every so often accompanied with some back ache and I've started to get a small bit of nausea in the evenings but nothing to shout home about. I do get a bit more discomfort on my left side but I've always had issues on that side especially with my bowels and a protruding disc in my spine so I think it's more to do with that than anything else (reading about ectopics it doesn't half make you worry though!) I'll mention it to the midwife when they get in touch though to be on the safe side - would love an earlier scan to put my mind at rest since I don't have a lot of symptoms ha!
    I don't blame you looking at the tests - I still do it a week on from finding out haha xx
  • @NDG those lines look amazing! I'll definitely say congratulations now and hopefully an early scan will put your kind at ease. X
  • @Slinky86 thank you hun. I’m being cautiously optimistic 🙏🏼
    I hope so too. One step at a time. 
    I did another test just to check again lol once this scan is done and we pass the same amount of weeks as last time I will relax x  

  • Just updating you ladies @TeeAli22 @SmithL35 @Slinky86
    last night and this morning my boobs that were tender, seems to have disappeared so I did another test (bad move). 
    The cheap internet strip is lighter today and the frer, although stole the dye, is also lighter. This is a few mins out of the time window, they were slighter lighter 2 mins earlier.  This is torture. 

  • @NDG I still think they are good lines and to me the FRER doesn't look lighter than your last one (appreciate they always look a bit different on pictures). I can only imagine how anxious / stressed you are feeling. Have you spoken with your GP / local midwifery practice? Might be good to try and force an earlier scan to put your mind at ease? Praying everything is okay for you xx
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