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How soon would you see something on a scan?

Hi Ladies,

I had an internal scan on thursday as part of investigations for painful periods. The gp has rang me since to update me on the findings. 

I am wondering, would they have seen any signs of pregnancy if I was 14dpo (or 3wk6days)? 

Two days after this I have tested positive and I am wondering if it was too early to see anything or whether I’m having another ectopic?

any thoughts?

thanks x 


  • I think the earliest they can tell that soemthing is there is around 5 weeks,  as imoantarion occurs between day 8-12 something like that. Then it would be the sac and then the fetal pole. So it hunk ot would be much too eary to see anything on a scan. 
  • Thank you for your reply Benka. I hope it was just too early. Having had losses and ectopic before I am just so anxious. Positive thoughts!!xx 
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