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Am I having a missed miscarriage

Hi ladies, I did a pregnancy test on 9/12/20 which was positive, worked out my dates based on last period, as you do, I should be 8 weeks + on Saturday 9/01/21 I went for a private scan and was told I was 5 weeks 6 days, as my dates were way out I was worried, I went to the hospital 11/1/21 and was told I need to wait a week to be scanned but it’s likely to be a missed miscarriage, obviously this has shocked me and I’m heart broken, has anyone experienced this? I’m holding on to a tiny bit of hope that the dates could just be wrong? But does this happen when you are so sure of last period and the date you had sex? :(


  • Hi, I had a MMC, I went for my 12 week scan really happy and excited thinking I will see baby to be told there is no heart beat and it was a MMC due to no signs of miscarriage, I had no bleeding, no pains or cramps, nothing, I was non of the wiser so I do understand what you are going through, it is hard but all you can do is wait for that scan unfortunately, really hope you just have your dates wrong and everything is fine is baby, wishing you all the best ❤ 
  • Hi Gemma, thank you! What happened, did you have to have surgery? I’ve had cramps but nothing major, no bleeding or spotting! I always assumed before you would know about it if you were having a miscarriage! I’ve had two pregnancies before with no issues or any knowledge of this. It’s scary isn’t it! I feel so sad 😭 x
  • I did yes as I wasn't passing the baby naturally, I think they gave me 2 options but I was so heartbroken I wasn't listening properly, after another week or so I was still carrying the baby, my body just wasn't letting go so I had to have surgery. I can talk about it now but before I couldn't, I left my job as I blamed them for not giving me a risk assessment !!  it still makes me sad but we now have our rainbow baby who is at the moment running around tearing up the house so if this is what is happening to you, which I hope it is not, you will get there ❤ 
  • Yes I think that may have to happen, I feel the same, my little pip jusy doesn’t want to leave! It’s been nearly 3 weeks and nothing yet! At the min due to Covid they aren’t offering surgery my doc said I would just have to wait for it to happen naturally 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
    I hope you are ok and you are getting joy from your little one! Thanks for your comments xx
  • Same thing happened to me in 2019. I started having thick brown discharge at about 10wks but they wouldnt see me because my 12wk scan was’t far away. When i went to the 12wk scan i found out it stopped growing at 6wks. Later that day i started heavy bleeding was coming out like water i even passed the biggest clot i’d ever seen in my life so assumed i’d passed it all. 3 weeks later i done preg test to see if it was negative and it was blazing positive still. Turned out i’d passed the baby but not the sac. Ended up having manual vaccum procedure. 9 months later became pregnant with our rainbow baby twins. So don’t lose hope it’ll happen again even if it takes time 🙂
  • Lovely story in the end!!! Thank you 😊 
  • @Sarah85fyBmrcv3 hi , I had two miscarriages in a row ,2nd one I went 4 a reassurance scan and was meant to be 7 wks so many days and they said I was 2 weeks behind ,she didn't rhink this was good news and referred me to my epu ,I was sure of my dates as had been using opks to track . I had to go and be scanned there and they confirmed the same ,no heartbeat etc but said maybe u have ur dates wrong , I had a week wait from what I recall ? I was very distressed worried upset etc and knew what the outcome would be ,especially as this had happened twice in a row I was in a bad place . I went back again and it hadn't grown still no heartbeat and had the choice of having it removed or waiting , I chose to wait as didnt want to go through the procedure and possibly it can damage you inside . 3 weeks later I bled and it was the most terrible bleed way worse than my miscarriage at 5 weeks , all the tissue and everything came away as my body still thought I was pregnant, looking back I should have gone for the procedure. Its a really horrible sad time for a much wanted baby. I wish you all the best . Im now 31 weeks pregnant so there is hope even after 2 miscarriages x
  • Thanks hun! I started miscarrying last night and have been in agony since. I’ve passed a lot of bloody and tissue and even saw what I believe was little baby. The pain feels like early stages of labour and I even have that pressure feeling in my bum. So weird! I wish you all the best with your new arrival - not long to go!! Take care xx
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