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Pregnant or not?

Hi There,

I supposedly need to have period this 10 of January, 8 of January we have sex with my boyfriend and it's the first time that he cum inside me so, by 10 of January I take Pregnancy test which is negative then by 11 January there is brown discharge so I thought my period will come but up to now I still have brown discharge like for 5 days. what do you think was it? Am I pregnant? Im considering a lot cause when 2021 arrives due to pandemic there's probability that I will loose my job so Im so stressed and very tired all the time then a lot of decisions that I need to make, I didnt lost my job but Im still adjusting within my new boss I woke up like earlier before and having a headaches when my new boss arrives so Im considering that stress due to late period, second is that I lost my weight like 5 kg more. so what do you think guys/. please help me.
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