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Faint line on pregnancy (frer) test

*Hope I am not posting in the wrong section/category I’m new here*

Would you consider this a faint BFP? 

Little bit of a backstory. 
 My last period was Dec.5 2020. I had sex on Dec.7th. (Halfway through my period) I didn’t have sex for the rest of the month. I then had sex again on Jan.3 2021 (all unprotected but never came inside me) sorry if tmi.  My period was due on Jan.4 2021.  I am currently 2 & 1/2 years into breastfeeding. I had started receiving my period months ago and have been consistently getting them regularly and on time for at least the last 8 months.  After all that long backstory I never received my period on jan.4 2021 and still have no sign of it. It is now Jan 15 2021.  I took a pregnancy test yesterday evening and got a faint result, so faint I questioned if it was even there (I will post picture below.) I also took a test with morning wee today and again so faint I can barely see it. If not even more faint than yesterday’s. My morning wee was quiet clear.   I have had issues in the past with faint positives that ended up being false. Or maybe a CP.   I guess my question is what do y’all think? Should they be positive by now. Did my sexual encounters possibly I’m pregnant me despite the dates and how a women’s body usually works?  Anyone else ever get pregnant/ovulate the day before their period/ way after supposedly your supposed to ovulate? 
Sorry for the long drawn out explanation but I had to include the details. Here’s those pictures as well. The first one is from today (morning) last three are from yesterday (evening)   -excuse my nasty hands, I’ve been cleaning all day-


  • During the last lockdown my periods went haywire, my cycles going from 30 days to 40-45 days so its possible you could ovulate later making your period later.
    My guess would be if you normally have regular cycles and had ovulated at the expected date then your period would be here by now, or the test would at least be showing a clear positive. Seems you likely ovulated later than you were expecting, meaning it's possible the later date you had sex could have got you pregnant. Best you can do is test again in a few days and see if there is a different result. The average LP is 14 days after ovulation, so you can usually expect your period to come around 2 weeks after ovulation date and a pregnancy test should show a clear positive by the time your period is due or late. Hope this has helped. 
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