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Hello all you lovely ladies. 

I am 26+6 with my first human baby but I am already mummy to a 12 year old fur baby. He is my lovely chihuahua, Chunky and as my due date gets closer and I am getting more anxious about how he will react. I have to admit there is some guilt too. He is a rescue dog and he struggles with attention from strangers and other dogs. I toyed with the idea of getting another dog last year but ultimately felt it would be too cruel for him - he just doesn't have the personality to share and I thought he would get depressed. Now I realise I've done something far more drastic 😂😂🙈
I've also noticed over the last few months he has become a lot more clingy. He was never vocal, except to shout at strangers and dogs, but for the past few months he's started whining at me. It's got a lot worse since Christmas. He whines when he's in the back of the car, he whines when I'm sitting at the kitchen table cos he wants to sit up with me. He whines on walks if I'm standing looking at a view and not at him. I'm starting to wonder if he might be sensing there is a baby on the way? Of course it's also been an odd year and I've been at home a lot more than I normally would so he's not been left alone for a long time. Has anyone else had experience with dogs getting overly clingy in pregnancy? And for any mums of babies and fur babies alike, how did you alleviate any anxiety felt by your furbabies in the run up to bringing a baby home?
Thanks all! He is a very important part of my family and I want him to be involved as much as is safe xx


  • Hi hun, didnt want to read and run. I dont have a dog but i do have a cat who is also a rescue. She has huge stranger danger and is very anxious around new people. Prior to me being pregnant her usual behaviour like most cats was she liked attention but on her terms only😂 

    We started trying for a baby and about a month later she suddenly she started following me all around the house and sleeping on me. (she knew i was pregnant before i did) So 100% your doggy will sense your pregnancy and you will more than likely find that he is very protective of your baby especially as they will smell of you. Try not to worry hun.

    We have just said aslong as she doesnt feel like shes been cast aside and replaced she should adapt, also when we're over tired and our cats driving us mad we wont take it out on her as it was her home way before baby came along and that wont change. 

    Hopefully someone else can reply whos got a dog as i know their behaviour could be different but im sure they will end up great friends xx
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