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Looking for stories to help me

Haven’t been In to see doc yet. Are 12 dpo light pink and light brown spotting. Next morning was red blood. Similar to a period. No bad cramps or loads of blood. Bled Wednesday-sat. Had hcg checked at 13 dpo. It was low a 7. Friday (15 dpo)it was 13.  Sat I took digital test needs min 22 hcg to go get a positive. I got a positive. Previously showed negative. (Yay) 

basically it sucks being stuck in this limbo on what’s going on inside. I have read conflicting reports. As obv it can vary. This is my 4th pregnancy never had an issue before. I suppose if I weren’t bleeding I wouldn’t worry. Or wouldn’t have had hcg checked. Has anyone had this happen and been okay?  I still have the nausea, occasional metal taste in mouth, my boobs aren’t really sore but I still breastfeed my 20 month old so maybe they are tough? I also get this occasional sore feeling down there idk why. It’s a weird awful feeling and I like have to sit down. Been feeling some sort of pressure in my pelvic area too not sure if normal. I know I’m over worrying over every thing but I’m anxious as heck! I can’t stop reading. Hoping my OB reaches out tomorrow after she gets the second HCG numbers. 
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