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TMI photo of spotting.. spotting or period?

Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex using the pull out method which I know isn’t 100% effective. Im on birth control. We aren’t trying to get pregnant, but we aren’t trying to not get pregnant if that makes sense. I took a test but it came out negative I took it too early. I’m still really young and not sure what this is . I’m not sure if this is breakthrough bleeding, pregnancy spotting, or the start of my period.
im not supposed to be starting my period for another 8-10 days. I’ve been bleeding for 2 days now it was lighter the first day then became heavy where I had to wear a pad. Please help idk what it is!!!!


  • Sorry I can't be more helpful, I can only tell you of my experience of implant bleeding.
    Mine was too early to be period spotting, by about 5/6 days. It was also an odd pinky/orange colour and only there when I wiped.
    The time frame for yours could suggest implantation bleeding, however I'm not too sure on the amount or the colour of it, but I suppose everyone is different. 
    Pretty sure I read somewhere that if it is implantation then the pregnancy hormones should be detectable on a test about 3 days later and I see this post is already a few days old. Any updates? 
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