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Am I pregnant?

Hi ladies!. So for weeks now I have been absolutely exhausted!. Tired all the time!. My boobs have felt different and tender, I feel nauseous, I have had a couple of episodes where I have felt lightheaded/dizzy, I have headaches. I feel constantly bloated. And when my period was due, I did bleed lightly, but normally my period is 4 days, this was two days of light bleeding, then nothing on the 3rd day and on the 4th day two of the times that I went for a wee that day I had slight pinkish watery marks on the tissue, but only when I wiped (implantation bleeding possibly??). I’ve also had really achey legs and arms and a few strange vivid dreams, one which absolutely petrified me because I dreamt that my daughter passed away 🥲. Also the newest thing is that when I was making dinner the other day, chicken fajitas, I was cutting the raw chicken and all of a sudden I could smell it really strongly and it made me feel very sick, I asked my partner if he could smell it and he just said it smells like chicken, it smelt so bad to me that I had to
double check it was in date which it was, anyhow, today I could smell something strong and awful in the fridge every time I opened it and it was making me feel sick, I assumed something was out of date so I had a look and nothing in there was out of date, however we had an open tray of raw chicken in there (it’s one with 20 or so pieces and we had used some and wrapped the rest up to use as we please), anyway it turned out to be that and I checked the date on the packet and that is also it date, so the smell of raw chicken seems to
really be bothering me!. All of this would suggest I’m pregnant RIGHT?!...however I have taken a couple of tests, one yesterday, and 2 tests at the same time (different brands), 3 days before that and NEGATIVE. On the pregnancy calculator things that you can do I put in my 1st day of my last period and it calculated that if I am pregnant then I am 5 weeks+3, could this still be too early for a positive result?. I got positive results with both of my children at 5–6 weeks. What is the furthest along you can be and still get a negative result does anyone know?. Sorry for the long winded discussion!.


Thanks girls x
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