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Can anyone see a line

I’m 3 days overdue on period , I’m so nauseous have vommited a few time .. I have done 2 test I can see a very faint grey line can anyone rlsd


  • I kind of can yeah x
  • Same! How many days before your period are you? X 
  •  Ignore that! It may just be your HCG levels are still low! X 
  • I feel as though I have cramps but not like period pains ? I will give a few days and see what happens xx
  • Can sometimes be the egg burrowing into the lining are they bad cramps or quite mild? X x
  • They r just mild but they have been there for 2 days I am 4 days over due now .. done a pregnancy test this morning it was negative so I don’t know what to think? Xx
  • Grace6Grace6 Regular
    edited Feb 3, 2021 6:24PM
    What type of test? Sometimes you need the more sensitive ones I see you used first response I mean it’s so hard to tell it can just be too early give it 2-3 days easier said than doneX x 
  • Thanks lovely xx
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