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Gestational diabetes

Hi mum's to be!
Anyone out there been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and what treatment are you getting? 
I've been left in limbo. Due to covid my hospital has only been doing fasting blood tests to check for diabetes and are skipping the glucose tolerance test. My midwife even admitted they aren't seeing as many diabetics since this change over so I already doubt the reliability of the test. I had mine over a week ago and my midwife messaged me the results on Wednesday. She said my blood glucose was 5.6 and my hba1c was 38 and that these are in normal range. I googled it because I'm one of those people (😆) and found on Google that the diagnosing criteria is for women with a fasting blood glucose of 5.6 or above to be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
I queried this with my midwife and she admitted I'm borderline and saught more advice from the diabetic team as she believes I need further screening. Now I've been told the further screening I'm having is a repeat of the fasting blood test, not the glucose tolerance test, and I've still got to wait another 2 weeks before I'm getting the test redone anyway. In the meantime I've had no advice on what diet or management to undertake, apart from try to stick to a low carb diet. Now everytime I want to eat I'm overcome with worry and guilt that its not the right stuff, I can't find anything in the house that's low carbs that will fill me up. And I'm also worrying now that anything I do eat, or not eat, is hurting my baby 😔😔😔

So really, just looking for any advise or reassurance and support from anyone out there who has it, or maybe even anyone else left unsure like me. 
Thanks for reading. I'm 29 +4 atm so worried that if I do have it they will be leaving it til quite late in my pregnancy to bother treating it and obviously worried about the effects of it going untreated on bubba. 


  • I have found very informative and helpful.

    Just in case either of you were interested❤️ (Sorry if the poster quality is poor) 

    Any help sharing with GD communities would be greatly appreciated. 
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