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4 Weeks Pregnant - in a lot of pain!

Hello Lovelies!

I recently found out that I am pregnant after having blood tests. Initially went to the dr’s as I was experience unbearable cramping and thought I had a awful period coming. Turn out I am 4 weeks pregnant, we are completely over the moon!
I have had 2 scans so far, all I have been told is everything is where is should be an it isn’t ectopic. I have tried to explain how much pain I am in, and how the pain comes in waves but got told ‘you look ok now’.
the cramps come in waves and when one comes it is unbearable, feels like the worst period pain I’ve ever had. 
I haven’t been told by the Dr or nurses if this is normal and what to expect.
Any info or similar experience would be greatly appreciated.
This is my first pregnancy.

Thank you,



  • Hi Beth, 
    I too had cramps early in my pregnancy and sometimes they would take my breath away. They were always more to my Left side not right. When I was scanned at 6 weeks all was fine and they said I had ovulated from my left as could see corpus luteum so I put it down to that. Sure enough after 6 weeks I never really had cramps just the odd pulling cramp which I know to be my uterus just stretching. As long as your scan looks good I wouldn’t worry too much. I understand how worrying it can be, Iv had 4 miscarriages prior to this pregnancy and the cramps from them weren’t as bad as what I had this time round!! I’m now 11+3 and everything is perfect so far. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy x
  • Thank you so much, I feel much better now! 
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