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Help with my growth scan please..worried

I’ve been having growth scans due to my bmi, and a few days ago I had a scan at 35+2. Baby was estimated to weigh 6lb 4oz which I was told was fine (if anything a little above average) but then the consultant said I have to have another scan in 2 weeks and if no change in my chart then they will be inducing me early. Is it because he’s not following the line from the first scan? She didn’t really explain what was happening but I also didn’t ask either (I wish I had) If so, what are the chances of him having a growth spurt in the next 2 weeks and avoiding an early induction? 


  • What centile is your baby growing on? 
  • He started off on the 90th and he’s now on the 50th 
  • Think 50th centile is still within normal range isnt it? 
    I just had my twins due to growth problems with my 2nd twin only being on the 2nd centile. 
    They will check your babies dopplers too but being induced at 37weeks is ok as your baby will be classed as full term from then ☺️ Plus your baby seems a good weight for 35weeks xxxx
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