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Fundal measurements small

Hi all anyone else in or been in this position? so i rang triage this morning as i was stressed due to reduced movements. Went in and they put me on a monitor found his heartbeat straight away then he moved away so they lost it ( i felt no movement as my placenta is anterior) so they monitored me for about 30 mins. Said baby is lying horizontally behind my placenta which makes sense as to why movements feel different. They measured my bump which said is measuring small at 26cm and im 27 weeks 3 days so on the graph hes on the lowest line of percentile 😫 they are going to ring me on Monday to bring my growth scan forward so we can get a more accurate size of baby 🤞🤞 all is ok. Any advice welcome thank you xx


  • No advice but I was the same with my one. Anterior placenta she stayed behind there so I didn't really feel any movements.
    We had a small measurement, they gave it a week and said if it was still small I'd have to have a growth scan.
    Literally the next day she moved and from then on bump measured normal.
  • Oh thats good to know @Joojoo the midwife said it could be because he's lying horizontal. They have booked me back in to be monitored tomorrow morning for peace of mind then will get my scan booked in asap after the weekend which will give us a better idea of his size. Thanks so much for replying xx
  • One benefit of a growth extra view of baby! 
  • Yeah that's good ill be less stressed after a scan and hopefully get more accurate measurements xx
  • My bump measured 25 weeks at 28, went for growth scan and all is fine! Bump measurementments are not particularly accurate at all from what I've heard! I have another growth scan in a couple of weeks and I'm still measuring small bump wise. I don't have a lot of water though so all baby x
  • It seems your only a week behind as you should measure 25cm at 25 weeks etc so I really wouldn't worry x
  • Thank you @Char09 this is also very reassuring to hear ill keep you updated on my scan xx
  • Just an update 😊 i went for my growth scan and baby is measuring 2lb 15 ounces so good size and following the 50th centile line. Just incase anyone else is worried in the future about fundal measurements in the future there not always 100% accurate  xx
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