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Might be pregnant

So I’m irregular but this cycle has been 46 days since my last and I’m 9 days late I’ve only been to 43 at the least and 4 days late at the least . Last week i started feeling breast tenderness and cramping thinking it was my period but a week passing being almost the end of the month nothing all i get is swollen breast when i wake up , dull cramps weird feelings in my stomach , i keep thinking it’s gonna come or maybe i ovulated later but i don’t know anymore . if it doesn’t come this week i already know what I’m experiencing and what it is . When i cramped the other night it was in my lower side abdomen after that i had a leg cramp on my leg side ... weird but your body sends weird messages yesterday i had a sour taste in my mouth i woke up with and then tmi i had cramping that lead to  diarrhea which i haven’t had in years sooo that’s odd. The last thing i experienced today was bloating and i didn’t even eat nothing but pineapples and strawberries and that was 7 in the morning i noticed when i got off @1 so weird i wanted to put everything out because i wanna know what this could possibly be I’m 20 years old sooo it would be nice for possible answers . Ik i have to take a test but i just am nervous :))

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