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Does anybody think this is positive


  • Have you got a normal picture without the negative filter 

  • see a line ? 
  • I tested on 12 dpo and got a very faint line which is getting darker after some time (one hour). I also tested on 13 dpo and same faint line which gets darker. The pic is of 12 dpo. Pls help me know if I am pregnant.
  • Can you post a picture of the test within the time frame? You shouldn't read anything out of the time frame, usually 3-5 minutes. Everything after that is considered invalid. 
  • This is within five minutes. 
  • Bundaberg and this is within 9 mins of testing

  • That sure looks like a positive to me - congrats!
  • Thank you so much. I am very worried as I had a chemical pregnancy last time. Hopefully the lines should get darker. But thank you for your support. 
  • Hey @Pam13 same with me! I had a chemical last month as well, so I know exactly how you feel. I'd be even worried to test until after, I don't know, like 3 months after my AF was due ;) no seriously. My doctor told me last month that the chances of getting pregnant after a chemical are high! Fingers crossed for you that everything will work out fine!! xx
  • @Bundaberg sorry to hear about your loss. I can totally understand.hopefully things should get better for all of us. I will keep you posted. 
  • Yes please, do that! Xx
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