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pregnant or not

Hi, my name is Ivel. I had many concerns on either I’m pregnant or not. I had sex with protection on Feb 3 and then I got my period on Feb 15. So about two weeks. Or a week and some days later. I’m a little concerned if I can still be pregnant ? Or should I be worried ? Because I’ve had dizziness but nothing else. 


  • I want y’all to reply and give your opinions on if I should worry or not.
  • Have you tested? Because if it's just dizziness it's not one of the most concerning symptoms especially if you've had your period
  • I’ve had but I was ovulating when I tested. And I heard your not supposed to until your 6 to five days close to your period. The test came out negative but with a faint line. Idk if I should be concerned.
  • What brand was the test? If you were ovulating when you tested then it's unlikely that the test was positive, it's possible it could have been an evap line
  • I think if you had sex with protection and had a period along with a negative test, the chances of you being pregnant are almost 0. Unless the protection broke (e.g. condom) or wasn't taken at the same time (e.g. the pill) then there may be a small chance but if your period was normal and you said you are ovulating again it's highly unlikely. 
  • It was the cheap brand. Like 5 dollar one at Walmart not the first response nor clear blue. 
  • And I also was thinking that too. I just like our stuff in my head that I am. Or if I even feel any “symptom “ it’s because I’m pregnant. My period is always normal so it’s always on time. But I get bad overthinking when it comes to that. And I don’t look at the facts.
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