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Reduced foetal movement

Hi everyone, I'm 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. My babys movements are all over the place and are never the same. Some days she can be really quiet and others days she can be quite active. I've been worried about her movements since yesterday although yesterday I was on the monitor as I've always been worried about her movements and have been having regular appointments due to her movements, her being so small and the fact my placenta isn't strong. I feel like I've tried everything to get her to move and I don't know what to do. 


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    @Dani0186 I really do feel for you. I have an anterior placenta and have days were baby moves wonderfully and days where I barely feel anything. I am 38 wks now and it is still the same on some days sadly, although the slow days are definitely fewer. I know the midwives have always been adamant that even if I had been on ecg machine the day before they would want me down again if the movements didn't pick up.

    I know it's horrible to keep going down but go down again if you aren't happy. Have they said to you baby is particularly small or that there are any issues with placenta or are you just worried that's the case? Xx
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