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6dpo and bleeding

Hi ladies.
I'm sorry, I wasn't sure where best to make this post...
I'm 6dpo (cd20) and i had my peak on cd13 via two different types of opks and ovulated cd14.  
I've been cramping today and now light bleeding.
Have any of you had any experience of this?

Thank you 


  • I'll also add I was certain we'd be covered this cycle as we bd on cd12,13,14 and 15.
  • Hi @Amethyst I can't tell you for sure, of course, but I know that a potential implantation bleeding occurs around 7-14 days after fertilisation. So I'd say you're within that time frame, as you can't know for sure if your peak maybe was a day earlier, you're not a machine after all ;) But people that experienced implantation bleeding described it exactly as you do. Some don't feel anything, and others say they had light cramps and light bleeding. 
    Is the blood a bit darker than your usual period?
  • Its still brown at the minute and still light.  I'm wearing a panty liner and there's not much on it yet.
    My AFs usually start off brown and then go red, so its like the start of AF but I dont know because I'm a week early for AF, and I've never spotted mid cycle before.  
    Its like the start of my MC in Jan which was brown discharge for a week before the MC started.

  • How far along were you when you had your MC?
  • Bundaberg said:
    How far along were you when you had your MC?
    I was 6 weeks.  As soon as I hit 5weeks I started losing brown discharge, and then as soon as I hit 6 weeks the MC started.
    It took 3 weeks for my hgc levels to return to 0 and then i had my period and this was a new cycle. 
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