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Early pregnancy bleeding

I found out I was pregnant Thursday from very very very light spotting which resulted in me taking a test. Friday and Saturday the normal spotting continued. Sunday I woke up and it was a bit heavier and bright red. Nothing that filled a pad through the day but definitely not light spotting. This bleeding had continued and it is now Wednesday. The bleeding has not increased, I’m having mild cramps (period cramps are worse than these), and have not passed any clots (at least that I know of). My hcg levels went from 1100 to 1000 from Sunday to Monday. I currently got tested again today and tomorrow should know if they are still decreasing. It is so early the dr is not sure yet until seeing my numbers tomorrow. Any input or similar situations? 


  • I'm sorry you have to go through that! It's so frustrating not to get a clear answer to what is happening as bleeding can have so many reasons. Fingers crossed for you xx
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