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early pregnancy cramps

so i already got my BFP and went and got it confirmed hgc is doubling like its supposed to but i am cramping awful i know some cramping is normal but sometimes its bad and unmanageable even Tylenol doesn't help def feeling the pulling and stretching just dont know why i would be cramping so bad sometimes any thoughts?


  • Ashbugg23Ashbugg23 Regular
    edited Mar 18, 2021 2:20AM
    and its not just o one side its both and in my back and no bleeding at all

  • My friend had the same. Everything was fine. Her doctor told her that because every pregnancy is different and there is so much going on inside your body, that things like that can happen, but it's important to speak to a doctor as soon as you think something is wrong. 
  • thank you for your thoughts:)

  • Hey! I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and had AF type cramping from around 6 days before AF was due all the way through pretty much until 6/7 weeks pregnant. Some days it wouldn't be as bad or I wouldn't feel it as much but even now at 15 weeks I get the odd days of cramps that can be fairly painful or noticeable! As long as no bleeding I would try not to worry too much! Congratulations and happy/healthy 9 months! :) x
  • thank you all the advice helped me feel allot better and congrats !!!!

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