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Possible pregnant??

I've had spotting for 9 days now and missed normal period (period was due on the 14th of this month) which is not usual for me. Usually I get my periods regularly roughly 28 day cycle. My last period was 14th of February. I also have had abdominal cramping and discomfort, light-headedness and extreme fatigue! I did a home pregnancy test 2 days ago that was negative and blood hcg test at hospital on same day that was negative. 
Seen GP today because symptoms ongoing and got an ultrasound done. Doctor thinks I could be pregnant or my body is trying to lose a pregnancy. I am obviously not on any contraceptives and have a parter. Has anyone had any similar experiences and what was your result? 
Much appreciate any answers


  • Hi @Sarza I am sorry to hear, that must be a lot to go through. The blood hcg was negative? I guess your GP didn't see anything on the scan because it's too early, right? 
  • Hi @Bundaberg thanks for your reply. The blood hcg was negative yes. My GP said maybe it could have been too early to test? I haven't got the scan results back yet... Eagerly awaiting but it could be too early to see what's happening if I am pregnant? 
  • What did your doctor told you to do next?
  • @Bundaberg I found out my symptoms are a result of the ultrasound showing up that i have polycystic ovary disease. So not pregnant after all 
  • I'm so sorry to hear! But there are a lot of lovely ladies here in the forum with PCOS that will be able to share with you their stories, I hope that helps you a bit! xx
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