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Is this normal? Xx

Hello everyone, yesterday I pretty much confirmed with a 4th test that I am definitely pregnant (my first one!) I kind of knew as I was having symptoms and no period.

I just want to know, is it normal to have period pains, it’s not painful just like a dull ache but it’s what I get during my period, I’m not bleeding at all either and the aches do come and go so it’s not constant either.
the clear blue digital said I’m 2-3 weeks which means I’d actually be 4-5 weeks pregnant so I’m still very early xx


  • From what I’ve heard, having cramps that come and go is just the embryo implanting and your uterus adjusting. Nothing or worry about unless you experience bad pain and bleeding.
  • Yes, some women have it, it's nothing to worry unless it will start being painful, then I'd suggest talking to your doctor. Congratulations by the way ;)
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