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Cramps 4 days before my period

Iv been having on and off cramps today like my body telling me my period is starting even tho Its not due till Friday. Me and my partner did have sex during my fertile days and wasn't using a condom the whole time but he didn't finish and put a condom on so don't think i am pregnant. Has  anyone else experienced this 


  • Hmmm that could mean anything or nothing really. Unfortunately the period and early pregnancy symptoms are basically interchangeable. I can just tell you that the more I look for symptoms, the more strange things seem to happen with my body. It's just that normally I woud not notice anything, but if I think I might be pregnant, everything is suspicious. 

    Long story short, even if the chances aren't high, you could be pregnant even if your boyfriend didn't finish. You could already do an early detection pregnancy test if you want to be sure. 
  • I usually get cramps anything up to 6 days before my period ... got my BFP in Jan this year and had the same AF style cramps 4/5 days before positive test so I guess what I'm saying is until you take a test or you get AF you won't necessarily know! Sorry for the vagueness but for me cramps were not a symptom! hope that helps slightly ha! :) 
  • With my first pregnancy I  had period like cramps before I got a positive test result I was hoping to get pregnant when I had my first so was feeling down when I had cramps because I thought my period was coming when it was not. This is the first time that I have noticed having cramps this many days before my period. 
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