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Washing fruit & veg

I suffer with a lot of anxieties in pregnancy and sometimes I have to check in with people for a reality check! Haha

However, how well do people wash their fruit & veg before eating/ cooking. Is it just a rinse under the tap or do people full on scrub and thoroughly wash.

I cooked some baked potatoes of which I washed under the tap before putting in the oven for 2 hours at 180c fan assisted. During the time my dinner was cooking I decided I was not going to eat the potato skin, just in case there were traces of dirt. After I’d finished eating, I noticed there was a small amount of gooey brown/black stuff that came off the skin, now I’m worried it mixed in with the rest of my dinner and I’ve now ingested toxoplasmosis.

I have some crazy thought processes but I guess that’s part of my pregnancy anxiety!


  • Don't worry, cooking and boiling kills germs and bacteria. Also you won't get toxoplasmosis from potatos or dirt from vegetables, most people get infected when eating processed park meat tha hasn't been cooked thoroughly. 

  • Don't worry about germs, we are all the product of thousands of generations of cave men and women, that's what an immune system is for
  • @Leo86 I don't wash fruit or veg at all unless it actually looks dirty. Cooking will kill anything nasty that could've been on/in it. 

    I suppose there'd be an argument for washing things that you eat raw, like fruit... But it's not done me or my family any harm so far and I wouldn't eat anything raw that had visible soil on it. 

    It's highly unlikely you'd encounter toxoplasmosis in farm soil, but even so the potato was cooked which would have killed it. 

    If you're finding your anxieties are having a negative impact on your day to day life have you spoken to your midwife? They can refer you to your local perinatal mental health team. I'd definitely recommend it if you haven't already looked into it. 
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