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Implantation bleeding??

My last period was February 23rd. I’m late and breast’s are very sore, I’m very emotional and I feel weird. I don’t like to jump the gun because the last time I thought I was pregnant my period came. But boobs been sore since the 20th of last month. Is that too long for pms ?? My breasts normally get sore before my period. But on March 19th I had pinkish brownish discharge. Way too light for a period lasted two days. I’ve taken pregnancy tests all after the two day spotting and negative results. My boyfriend came in mr last month several times. I keep getting cramps in my lower left pelvic area which scares me. I have to hold a pillow at night. But it goes away. Boobs are so sore I hate when they are touched. Helppp, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Lol


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