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Faint positive test

I was wondering what everybody thinks about this pregnancy test that I took this morning. 5 days left before my period. I’m not sure if this is correct or not. But I just had a miscarriage in January 2021 and I am really nervous to believe this is correct and it isn’t. It showed up at around 2 minutes 10 seconds when I was timing the test since I listen to the instructions and don’t read them after 3. 


  • Sorry I cant see the line but it's sometimes harder to see on photos than in real life. 5 days before af is still very early to test positive so I would test again in a few days time. 
  • If you don’t click the photo or don’t zoom in I think you can see it good. I took two today and they were both positive faint 
  • I decided to take another today just to make sure it wasn’t a false faint positive and this ones a little fainter than the other but also positive. You can see the pinkish area to the left of the darker line. I changed the font so it’s easier to see slightly 
  • I'm sorry I can't see anything. But I believe you, that you see it in person. It's still very early to test, so I suggest to test again in two days and see if the line gets any darker!
  • i took a new one. 
  • I can see faint line on your lastest test. Test again 48hrs to see whether the line getting darker. Wish u all the best! Xx
  • Where you pregnant as im getting the same on my first response test
  • Looks like they’re getting darker! Xx
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