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Brown discharge

I’m 5.5 weeks pregnant and have been having brown spotting for approx 1 week which turned into heavier discharge about 3 days ago, around 2-3 times a day but only when wiping. Looking for some positive stories as this happened to me before although I was further along and had a silent miscarriage around the 9 week mark after seeing a heartbeat. One healthy pregnancy before that with no issues. I’ve been to dr and all the hormones are on track but still very worried. Anyone been through this bleeding too? 


  • Bleeding is actually really common in pregnancy.
    My mom bled in 2 of her pregnancies and had healthy babies. 
    I’ve had a few friends that bled straight through their pregnancies and have healthy babies.
    every pregnancy is different.
    I would speak to the doctor and Get their advice. 
  • I had bleeding like this until i reached about 11 weeks, im now 33 weeks. I hope you have a positive outcome xx
  • I bled for the first 10 weeks with my now 7 year old. I’m 6 weeks 4 days now and have had a few wipes of brown stuff today and last night but I had an internal scan on Thursday and we dtd last night so I think I’ve just aggravated something. Good luck x
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