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How far along should I be with HCG 43 & Progesterone 13.2 ? Also, I had blighted ovum the last time I was pregnant but never got my levels drawn. Does this mean I do not have blighted ovum?


  • Hi I didn’t wanna read and leave. I myself had a blighted ovum 9 weeks ago. I’m currently 7-8 dpo. Congratulations on ur pregnancy. How many weeks do u think u are. Hcg is hard with a blighted ovum as I got my drawn and I was 9 weeks with a hcg of 45,000 and then 2 weeks later it was 25,000 . So for rising hcg is hard to tell on a blighted ovum but I wouldn’t worrie about a blighted ovum as they said it isn’t likely to happen again :(. X
  • According to my lmp I should be 4 weeks 6 days but I think I’m only earlier in 4 weeks. 
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