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Am I having a miscarriage?

Can someone please help me. I am currently only about 4 weeks pregnant. I woke up this morning with stomach pains and put it down to constipation. I have had a bowel moment since and still having cramps. I have just had a heavy bleed. Does this mean I am having a miscarriage? 
What do I do? 


  • Oh no I'm so sorry to hear @Jade94! Unfortunately it's not easy to determine what exactly is going on, bleeding can of course be a sign of an early miscarriage but it can have other reasons as well. When you say heavy bleed - as in as strong or stronger than your period?
    I'd suggest to go to see a doctor immediatley to find out what is causing the bleeding. Keep us posted! xx
  • I've called the doctor and they said if the bleeding continues and the pain don't stop to go to a and e... the bleeding has slowed down but the pain hasn't. 
    And it was without sounding disgusting like I had just wet myself quite red as well x
  • I'm sorry, but I'd go directly to a and e, right away. Better safe than sorry! 
  • I'm going up now thank you, that pain is just getting worse x
  • Keep us posted! And fingers crossed of course! XX
  • Everything was OK. I am 6 weeks. They couldn't find any reason for the bleed x
  • So glad to hear!! I was a bit worried as you didn't update for two days. Fingers crossed that the rest of your pregnancy will be stress-free!
  • They didn't scan me till yesterday. Thank you. I hope so... 1 scare is enough for my liking haha x
  • Hey Hun I know your chat is a few weeks old and I pray everything is still okay .I would assume what you had was a subchorionic hematoma
    And it must have bled out cpletely by time u went to hosp and got scan.. 
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