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Mat leave help!!!

hey everyone. I started a new job on Monday (26th) April and found out today that I am 5+3 weeks pregnant. I am a full time employee and my job is secure but am I entitled to statutory mat pay and if so, do you know how much? 


  • This link may be helpful for you -

    You will be eligible for maternity leave but I don't believe you will be eligible for statutory maternity pay. The link I posted will tell you for sure.

    However once you're happy to tell your employer about your pregnancy it would be worth asking your HR department what their policy is. You may get lucky and be eligible for an enhanced maternity package if you're lucky.

    Congratulations by the way! Both on the new job and the baby 🎉☺️
  • Thanks @Curiosity101 😊
    I had a look over that this morning but I couldn’t work out the 26 week thing lol I didn’t know if that meant 26 weeks by the time baby is due or 26 weeks up to the stage you’re 15 weeks 😫 
    I’ve got myself all very confused by it all and now I’m panicking we’re going to be really stuck financially due to awful timing. Have been ttc for 4 years so it’s a blessing but also just terrible situation 😔
  • It's 26 weeks continuous service by the time you're 25/26 weeks pregnant (at least as I understand it). So effectively you cannot start a new job whilst pregnant *and* be eligible for statutory maternity pay unfortunately. 

    I can understand what you mean though. I'm sure you'll make it work 😊 - You will be eligible for Maternity allowance by the sounds of it. And it really is a blessing if you've been trying for 4 years. Huge congratulations.

    I'll have everything crossed for you that your company has an enhanced maternity package that you will be eligible for. 🤞
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