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Pregnant soon after giving birth?!

Mumto4furbabiesMumto4furbabies Regular
edited May 2, 2021 2:16PM in Pregnancy
I had my little boy 7 weeks ago. I was prescribed the mini pill and we first had sex at 5 weeks, earlier than planned. 
I had planned to wait until at least 6 weeks.
I feel so foolish but I hadnt started my mini pill and we didn't use any contraception of any other kind. 
I have read things about being super fertile in the weeks following but I am exclusively breastfeeding which my midwife said acts as a natural contraception.
Anyway the last 2 days I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous and am so worried I have fallen pregnant. I am also thinking it could be from not eating enough while breastfeeding.. I am having an appointment with the doctor this week to discuss contraception as I want something more permanent. 
This is our first child and we had 2 previous miscarriage so it took us awhile TTC originally. 

Anyone been in a similar situation? Am I worrying for nothing. What did you do? 


  • Did you do a pregnancy test?
  • @Bundaberg not yet. I am going to before the doctors. Wondering if it would be too early will have been about 12 days ago and with breastfeeding I haven't had a period 
  • If you are pregnant as a result of sex 12 days ago then a FRER should be able to pick that up if you use FMU.

    It's relatively unlikely you'll be pregnant so quickly if you're exclusively breastfeeding on demand but I have 100% heard first hand reports of it happening to people. It's quite frustrating that a midwife implied to you that it was suitable/reliable contraception. 

    🤞 You get the outcome you want.
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