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Am I pregnant???

I really need help please ladies😅I have done 2 tests that came back negative however that was a week after my last period (23rd-26th april, which is short for me, I usually bleed for the full 7 days) I am due to ovulate tomorrow.
I've had extreme tiredness and general laziness, my boobs aren't really too different but they do feel slightly heavier and squishier than usual I guess? I had a random 3 seconds where i could taste metal last week but it literally went before it even came. 
I'm also experiencing some dryness 'down there', but during sex it goes in and out of too dry and too wet. 
Thought i'd ask here before I ring the doctors as I don't want to waste their time at the moment with everything going on. I also don't want to freak my boyfriend out yet if it's not 😂😂Thank you to anyone who can help me xx


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