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I feel pregnant but negtive tests

Hi everyone am driving myself insane here I suffer posos and Iv been trying to get pregnant over a year now and I don't usaly have periods every month the last 2 years been on megaphone sorry am not very good at spelling! For the last 7 months my periods have been every month but I do miss a couple of days sometimes am over a month late now and I have took pregnancy test 3 times now and negative but what is really playing on my mind am having all the symptoms don't know if am making myself feel this way or NOT but I do feel different but feel quite il and emontil head is all over the place I do suffer with mental health so that could be playing apart it's jusy driving me insane that I havnt come on and I feel sick headaches iv gone off coffee and I love coffee I have rang my doctors up and due bloods test as iv told them the situion I was wondering if any one has any oppions or and am craving Chinese curry a lot and I don't usaly like it  so that s a bit strange xx
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