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Pregnancy Advice Needed Please!!!!

Hi, I am after some advice on behalf of my daughter Please, she hasn't had a period now for 2 months, she has lots of the early pregnancy symptoms, but the home pregnancy tests are all coming back as negative?? Her GP surgery are not being very helpful at all, they keep telling her to wait, and to do another test!!! Can anyone please advise, As I Need to know if I am going to be a Nanny or not!!! Many thanks. 


  • How far along would you estimate she is if she's pregnant? If she'd be 7 weeks or more then she could book a private pregnancy ultrasound and get a definitive answer that way? 

    It's relatively rare that home pregnancy tests will show negative when someone is pregnant though. And early pregnancy symptoms can be very similar to PMS or some bugs/viruses. So I would assume she's probably not pregnant, but if she's consenting and wants a definitive answer for herself then perhaps a private ultrasound is the way forward. 
  • I would not like to guess how far along she may be? She is nearly 25 so I wouldn't know about it being PMS? She said her breasts are very tender/ sore, she feels sick, and the smell/ taste of some food, (even her favourite foods) makes her feel sick, she even said that she is peeing like a donkey!! Lol Thank you, for your reply, I will pass this information onto her. 
  • PMS stands for pre menstrual symptoms. It's the set of symptoms some people feel after ovulation but before their period arrives. It's in response to the rise in Progesterone that happens after ovulation. 

    Early pregnancy symptoms like you're describing can sometimes be caused by the progesterone rise. Or a bug. Or a combination of several things. 

    If she's really concerned she could also ask the GP if they'd be willing to do a blood test to double check. Alternatively she may be able to get a private HCG blood test.

    However having said all that, it's pretty rare for people to get false positives if they're far enough along to be feeling lots of pregnancy symptoms. 
  • Thank you for your reply, it is certainly something to think about. Thank you again. 
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